The Owasco Velo Club


               Weekend Group Rides

Organized Saturday and Sunday morning rides leaving from Emerson Park in Auburn, NY (east side Rt 38A entrance in small parking lot near Merry-Go-Round Theater), usually beginning in March and continuing through November, depending upon the weather.

All levels of riders are welcome, so please join us this weekend. We generally have both an “A ride” (18 - 20 mph) “drop ride” and a “B ride” (15 - 17 mph) “NO drop ride” each weekend, depending upon who shows up for the ride.

Usually rides are between 30 - 50 miles in length. Sometimes the ride route is pre-determined, and other days the distance and route is decided by the group. We will email the ride group usually on Thurs or Fri about the weekend rides. Let us know if you want to be on that email list.  With regards to the weather, use your own judgment about whether or not to show up for a ride.